The assault on Paul Bush, their wife and their home may not be "what Strasburg is." Make no mistake, however; it is certainly what our country has become over the past several years. We have become a mean-spirited, bigoted, hateful collection of persons who have no compunction about opening their mouths and let their ugly thoughts fly forth.

In contrast, there are those like 'Doris,' a lovely lady who stopped at my car at Walmart, where I was gathering my wits after a shopping trip, just to make sure I was okay. And my next-door neighbor Herb, who brings up our newspaper and mail every day. He began doing this because we are getting old and wobbly; we don't walk or see well.

Doris and Herb make up for much of the nastiness in this world; I do hope that Paul and their wife find people like these in their world.

Marilyn Lott, Front Royal