I read Andy Schmookler’s (and your other syndicated columnists) on a daily basis as I believe it is my duty to be an informed citizen by reading/listening to all points of view on issues that impact the nation and the valley.

Statements by Mr. Schmookler such as the one contained in his column “The Republican Party has sold its soul, becoming a morally bankrupt force, the willing servant of evil in America, so long as, in the service of evil, they get to wield power,” is typical of the vile and unsubstantiated rhetoric he pushes to your readers on a regular basis.

To characterize any group as “evil” is just wrong and dangerous as evidenced by the most recent mass shootings. I happen to be a member of the Republican Party but attend church and give back to the local community through community service (food bank, Red Cross, etc.). I hardly consider myself or my family as “evil,” nor do I consider any members of the Democratic Party to include Mr. Schmookler as evil. To make such unsubstantiated characterizations sets a dangerous precedent and encourages the violence and hate that both political parties have generated.

Why does the Northern Virginia Daily continue to sanction a syndicated columnist who continually tries to separate vs. unify us week after week?”

James R. Poplar III, Quicksburg