Your recent article, “Shenandoah GOP picks election slate” by Alex Bridges was well written. It showed once again why Shenandoah County is the ideal place to live, work and raise a family. The Shenandoah Valley is not only graced with the spectacular scenery, the friendliest people, the most churches, and the best food at potlucks it surprisingly has the

It still feels funny talking about politics because until recently I didn’t like politics at all. In fact, I was so against politics that my favorite bumper sticker was, “Don’t Vote, It Only Encourages Them.”

But then I got “Red Pilled,” as Neo did in “The Matrix.” On Feb. 7, 2013, I listened to Dr. Ben Carson give a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Behind him was the president who made me truly hate politics. Obama’s fundamental changes caused me to lose a business. And, dozens of my valley friends also lost their jobs, homes and health care plans.

Fortunately, the message Ben Carson gave that day totally changed my attitude about politics. Carson made me realize that his style of politics could cause . I wanted people like Carson to represent us, so I got involved in politics.

I hooked up with about 50 other patriots (from both parties and all walks of life), and together we learned “Ben Carson-style politics.” In only two years, we grew to over 5 million. By then, Ben Carson was not only running for president, but he was polling neck and neck with Trump.

Now I’m chair of a political party that is closest to “Ben Carson-style politics.” My mission is to fight to ensure Shenandoah County stays the best ever by finding the best people to represent us. Thank God we have a Democratic Republican form of government that empowers us to do that.

I now urge everyone to care about politics, learn who are the best to represent us, and then get out and vote on Election Day.

Again, I say, on a great article, Alex Bridges.

Randy Gilbert, Mount Jackson