Filling up the gas tank has never been fun, but for the last two years it has gone from being a chore to a burden. $20 or $30 used to get you through the week. Now, with prices +50% higher, more and more of our budgets are being eaten up just to drive our cars.

This increase is a completely intentional policy decision by the Biden Administration. They want it to be more expensive to buy gasoline and continue to peddle a Green New Deal fantasy where fossil fuels are eliminated no matter the cost. At the same time they want us reliant on the electric grid, Democrats have willfully undermined our nation’s energy independence by ending drilling leases on federal land. This has made us dependent on foreign dictators for oil in countries where their people literally chant “Death to America” in the streets.

Democrat Jennifer Lewis who would seek to represent us in Congress has been on the front lines of the fight to end America’s energy independence. When the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was proposed to distribute American produced natural gas, she led protests that disrupted its construction in Augusta County and eventually led to the cancellation of the project. Lewis has directly contributed to higher energy costs.

We need to reject the politicians who have intentionally undermined our domestic energy production and elect a Republican majority in Congress that will restore it. Here in the 6th District, Ben Cline is the Republican nominee. Please vote on Nov. 8.

James Prohaska, Stephens City

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Congressman Cline was the only member of the House of Representatives from Virginia to vote *against* a bill banning the abusive practice of soring horses. That's right, he voted FOR animal abuse. He has no place in Congress.


The author is incorrect that the Biden Administration has ended drilling leases on federal land. As noted there are also 9,000 outstanding oil leases that are not be tapped by oil companies. Further only 24 % of our oil comes from wells on Federal lands. The oil companies are more content to record record profits and make their shareholders wealthy than drill.

Brad Skipper

The author seems to forget that Russia and OPEC have limited production, driving up the price of crude oil. The President has NO ROLE whatsoever in the process. But we do know that American oil companies are sitting on 9,000 unused and already permitted leases on US soil, and wonder why? The answer can be found in their record-breaking profits, proving they have zero motivation to secure more domestic oil production.

The choice in November is clear. A vote for Cline is a vote for Trump and against the citizens of CD6. Haven't we seen enough of the divisive rhetoric and actions of the Far Right?


No more than the polarizing actions of the far left. Both sides have their extremisms about them and we are getting sick and tired of this. We need some middle of the road candidates but we know neither will produce one.

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