As a tax-paying citizen of Shenandoah County, I strongly urge the Board of Supervisors to vote no to the resolution that Bradley Pollack wants to bring to the board to create a Shenandoah County militia.

This is a scary proposition and an unnecessary one. We do not need to create our own militia because of the fear that lives within those who propose this. We have a militia located right here in Woodstock in the form of the National Guard that the governor of Virginia can call up, in addition to the Virginia State Police, if our county faces imminent danger. There is no need to have gun-toting men living in fear acting like our protectors. Personally, I prefer being protected by those highly trained and who do this for a living. Our men in blue and in green are all we need.

Please, I implore the supervisors to stand up to this nonsense and vote no! If they vote to approve this as they did with the sanctuary county resolution, I fear they are opening themselves and this county up to future demands from this group.

Yvonne Lytton, Woodstock