I have been a registered Republican (the supposed party of fiscal responsibility) my active 70-year working career. But since the Tea Party infiltrated, the elephants have charged hard conservative right - there's no room for moderates any longer.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have veered to the liberal left – the donkeys leaving moderates in their wake. The silent majority in the middle cries out for leadership and representation.

Is Joe Biden the one to bring the country back to sanity and unity? I cannot even imagine another four years of the ideocracy now in the White House.

Could President Trump have made a deal with Putin or perhaps the devil to weaken and divide this great country as much as possible? Or is he Revelation's Anti-Christ, together with the virus and the world's severe tribulations, signaling the near return of the second coming?

I realize the Democrats need the Black and Latino votes to win, and that Biden must walk a tight-rope the next five months. But the Democrats need to understand that there are 80 million descendants of Confederate veterans here today – as opposed to 43 million (13%) Blacks.

Leave our monuments and our Southern heritage alone!

Blacks have legitimate concerns – with education being the key. I also realize they have made many contributions to this great country that they have not gotten recognition for and that needs to be amended. History is history, be it good or bad, and should not be transformed to appease whoever feels it isn't to their liking. Perhaps there should be written documentation by monuments or historical venues to explain that period in time, but they need to move on and quit trying to mold history to fit their convenience. We have already lost a good part of our history due to political correctness. We are 20% into the 21st century with constant frenetic change keeping us all on edge.

Who will be the one to best bring together and unite this remarkable nation to again be the leader of the world? Magnified against the backdrop of the coronavirus, the next five months promise to be brutal.

Robert Cullers, Front Royal