James Poplar III's recent commentary titled “Why I am voting Republican this fall” outlines the Republican playbook for the upcoming elections. Whatever became of Mr. Poplar's supposed support of civil rights, equality and social justice? These are not values embraced by the Republican Party. Look no further than Republican suppression of voting rights. Extremism? Consider the Republican refusal to support the Equal Rights Amendment or opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

Mr. Poplar's claims that Democrat proposals for expanded social programs would guarantee “Socialism in America” are ludicrous (another Republican talking point).

Justice Kavanaugh is another Federalist Society selected judge who will assuredly support corporate interests over those of our society at large.

Here are the reasons why I am voting Democrat this fall. Trump and his Republicans have:

• Eliminated and deregulated environmental protections while denying climate change.

• Systematically worked to undercut our health care, and lacking any proposal for replacement, sought to destroy pre-existing conditions protection.

• Opposed a living wage, even as the wealthiest in our society have seen vast increases in wealth.

• Circumvented the will of Congress by diverting funds from other projects to build a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. Democrats favor smart technology and greater resources for law enforcement, not open borders.

• Refused to enact any legislation which would address gun violence infecting our nation. Up to 90% of our citizens favor sensible proposals.

• Separated families and caged children, without providing proper nutrition, clean water and appropriate hygiene.

• Passed tax legislation giving 86% of the benefits to the wealthy while imposing tariffs raising the price of consumer goods and costing billions in aid to farmers.

If you “cringe at some of the things that President Trump may say,” consider the real cost to our world standing. Our photo-op obsessed president is nearly universally abhorred around the world. His withdrawal from our agreement with Iran has further destabilized the Middle East. The great negotiator? Hardly!

I am concerned about the “abyss” of which Mr. Poplar warns, and therefore, I am voting Democrat. Unfortunately, we are already on the edge of that abyss.

Tom Parker, Strasburg