Kristin Fiorvanti stands in front of a sampling of her art on display in the Delores Sekel Art Atrium at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown. Fiovranti’s painting on the left is a scene from Via del Rossellini, a street in Settignano, Italy, and the cat paintings were inspired by the sweet cats in Florence, Italy. The paintings will be on display there through Nov. 8.

MIDDLETOWN – Lord Fairfax Community College graduate Kristin Fiorvanti returned to her alma mater with her own art exhibit.

Titled “K. Fiorvanti: Learning Things the Art Way,” the exhibit includes pieces of art Fiorvanti showed during her seven-month stay in Florence, Italy. Fiorvanti’s exhibit at LFCC features selections from her sketchbook, a few master studies pieces, and her oil painting, “Heritage.”

“It was the most amazing experience in my life,” Fiorvanti said.

Fiorvanti studied at Accademia Riaci, a private art school in Florence where she attended master art classes.

“When you study art in Florence, they immediately throw you into master studies, where you study Leonardo De Vinci, Raphel, and Michelangelo,” she said.

Fiorvanti said that her studies were hands-on.

“My instructor was looking over my shoulder the entire time, guiding me or pointing out when I did something wrong,” she said. “It was very helpful to get into my stubborn head. Sometimes, I get stuck in my ways. It helped me see and work a lot faster.”

Fiorvanti said she would spend three or four days a week at Accademia Riaci and then go on art visits to gardens and local towns on Fridays and Saturdays to sketch and paint.

“We would go out on-site and visit these places and learn about them with an art historian,” she said. “It was a really immersive experience.”

When she returned from Italy, Fiorvanti decided she wanted to hold her first art exhibit at LFCC.

“I was welcomed,” she said. “LFCC has been a great support in my life. When I was going through rough times, they would have food drives available to their students. They also had events that would draw you into the community. It’s not just a school. They make you feel welcome. I’ve always been appreciative of that.”

Fiorvanti said that her exhibit at LFCC is a “potpourri” of artwork.

“I dipped my toe in every little [art] subject and medium that I could,” she said. “I think it definitely displays my diversity as an artist.”

Fiorvanti said she is still working on her art style.

“It’s an issue a lot of creative people hit,” she said. “It’s a bump in their life. When they realize this is what they want to do this, they have to figure out what they want to focus on or what medium do they want to use. I have a love for every medium I’ve tried.”

Fiorvanti said she plans to return to Italy in the future.

“I’ve fallen in love with the culture, the people and the language,” she said. “Learning a new language opened my eyes to thinking and forming your sentences, your thoughts and your feelings in a new way.”

The exhibit is open through Nov. 8 in the Sekel Art Atrium in Fairfax Hall at the LFCC Middletown campus.

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