Clockwise, from top left: Alexander Golden, Makoya Denham, Emily Race, Jaden Staples, Terrell Tucker and Antonio Nehemiah Ogburn. 

Miguel Sosa, 23, saw three men enter his residence in Warrenton last year with guns, and one ended up in his face.

He was asked where his money was, and he said it was in the bank like any other normal person's money.

He was then shot seven times. His brother, Fabian Sosa, 27, was fatally shot twice in the back while sleeping. Another person in the house was injured after being shot four times.

That’s what Miguel Sosa and prosecutors laid out Wednesday in Fauquier County Circuit Court during the sentencing hearings for Jaden Staples, 19, of Woodstock, and Antonio Ogburn, 19, of Detroit.

Staples and Ogburn were sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder and five years for attempted robbery. The sentences for each charge are to run consecutively.

The sentence lengths in both cases extend outside the sentencing guidelines, which aim to provide a level of consistency in punishments for offenders of similar crimes and situations across the state.

The guidelines recommended a range of about 24 to 40 years in prison for each.

“Your life will go on,” Judge James E. Plowman Jr. said during Staples' sentencing.

A lengthy sentence does not mean life is being thrown away, Plowman said while imposing Ogburn's sentence.

According to court documents and testimony throughout the case, Emily Race, 20, of Warrenton, had previously lived with the Sosas and knew about drugs and money in their residence.

Race had arranged a visit to the Sosas' apartment and traveled there from Woodstock in the early morning hours of Jan. 8, 2020. After being let into the apartment, she unlocked the door before Staples, Ogburn and another person entered and the robbery attempt went bad, as they described.

Fauquier County Commonwealth Attorney Scott Hook called Miguel Sosa, his mother and father to the stand as witnesses during the hearing Tuesday.

They shared their story of dealing with Miguel Sosa’s recovery in the hospital and loss of sight as a result of the incident last year. The loss of grandparents, and Sosa’s father moving to the U.S. from Argentina in the wake of the incident also came out during the Sosa family’s testimony.

Fabian Sosa, a graduate of Strasburg High School, was a hardworking man with two jobs who would help anyone who needed it, his family described. His death was caused by a cowardly act of Ogburn, Hook said multiple times Tuesday.

Staples and Ogburn, who are cousins and grew up in Detroit, pleaded guilty to the charges in October.

Defense attorneys Robert Bryan, representing Staples, and Kirk Milam, representing Ogburn, called members of their clients’ families during their respective hearings Tuesday.

Staples' family outlined a childhood impacted by a physically abusive father and the use of drugs that lead to unclear thinking by the defendant.

Ogburn's family described a childhood of activism by showing pictures with Michigan elected officials and that the period of 90 days leading up to the incident after he moved to Virginia was out of the norm for him.

Milam questioned Miguel Sosa about drugs and guns being in his residence.

Plowman denied a motion by Milam at the start of Ogburn’s hearing to continue that hearing because of Ogburn’s assistance with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in a murder case in Winchester, which is scheduled for a jury trial in October.

Milam also argued that his client was under the influence of drugs during the incident and wanted to withdraw his plea. Milam stated the continuance was not requested because of the sentence given to Staples before his client's hearing.  

Bryan said his client is keeping his options open in appealing the case. Milam said it will be up to his client if he wants to appeal the decision, which may be limited after entering into a plea in the case.

Ogburn said “It’s not over,” as members of his family shouted “I love you” to him as he left the courtroom.

Race and Alexander Golden, 19, of Southfield, Michigan, who are also charged with murder in the incident, are due in Fauquier County Circuit Court in April for sentencing.

Two others, Makoya Denham, 22, of Oak Park, Michigan, and Terrell Jonathan Tucker, 21, of Woodstock, are due in Fauquier County General District Court on March 10 for hearings on accessory after the fact charges.

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