Dr. Scott Cabazolo, of Natural Results Chiropractic Clinic, demonstrates a "cold stick," which is part of a new neuropathy treatment at the clinic.

FRONT ROYAL – A local clinic is offering a new treatment to help older adults combat peripheral neuropathy.

According to Blueprint to Neuropathy, more than 30 million Americans are affected by peripheral neuropathy, which refers to conditions that result when nerves that carry messages from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body are damaged or diseased. Several causes of neuropathy include diabetes, chemotherapy, and auto-immune diseases.

Dr. Scott Cabazolo, of Natural Results Chiropractic Clinic, said that his clinic started offering the treatment in June and has seen huge success with his patients. He said that the selling point on the treatment was that people can take the treatment equipment home with them.

The treatment includes a nutritional plan and devices such as inferred laser boots and an electronic stimulation device called the ReBuilder - a device that opens nerve paths, re-educates the nerves, re-mineralizes the junctions between the nerve cells, and treats all nerves in the legs.

Cabazolo, who has been a practicing chiropractor for 23 years, said he was hesitant about doing and advertising the treatment at the clinic.

“It had to work,” he said. “I didn’t want my name tied to something that didn’t work.”

Cabazolo said that, normally, patients would come into the clinic once a week for three to four weeks for different neuropathy treatments, including massages or laser treatments. He said that the new treatment allows patients to do two, 30-minute sessions a week for 90 days, with limited visits to the clinic.

“They have everything they need,” Cabazolo said.

Cabazolo said that when a patient shows interest in the treatment, he shows a video on neuropathy and then he talks to patients about the treatment options. He then does a sensory test and allows the patient to make the decision on what treatment options he or she wants to explore.

“If they can’t put in the time, I don’t want them to waste their time or money,” Cabazolo said. “It’s quite the investment.”

Cabazolo said that patients check in with the clinic by email, text messaging, and a BodySite app - which allows doctors to see if their patients had done their therapy for the day. He said that it’s recommended that patients check in every day.

“We try to get them in a pattern of [checking in],” Cabazolo said.

Cabazolo said, to his knowledge, Natural Results is the only clinic in the Shenandoah Valley that provides this treatment. He said that the treatment’s success rate is around 90-95%.

Since the clinic began to offer the treatment in June, Cabazolo said 12 patients have taken part.

“This isn’t a 90-day promise,” he said. “That’s what I like about it. In 90 days, I want to see some change. Some people may not have that [90% success rate] change in maybe a year, but they can keep treating themselves.”

Natural Results offers a $49 consultation fee for the treatment, a neuropathy exam, and a discussion with Cabazolo about treatment options. Cabazolo couldn’t provide a price for how much it would cost for the treatment equipment as it would vary from patient to patient.

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