Following weeks of improving figures, the Lord Fairfax Health District reported less optimistic COVID-19 information on Monday.

The district saw a modest uptick in new cases over the weekend — 22 cases on Saturday, 29 on Sunday and 13 on Monday — but the underlying positivity rate has been climbing steadily since bottoming out on July 4. The district’s positivity rate has been riding a wave that fell more often than not since it peaked in early May at 20.5%.

From May 5-13, the positivity rate fell to 13.8% before spiking back to 18.3% on May 20. Since then, the figure plummeted down to 5.9% in mid-June with occasional hiccups in the trend. The rate began to climb modestly over the next week, moving up to 8.2% on June 22 and then falling again to the district’s lowest rate since testing began in earnest to 4.8% on July 4.

Over the last week, that figure has shot back up to 7.3% but the positivity rate has climbed along with the district’s most impressive run of testing figures since the beginning of the pandemic. The district tested approximately 681 people for COVID-19 on Friday and 720 people on Saturday — the highest recorded days since testing began — and the figures are set to grow as more results filter in.

The district has conducted 24,338 COVID-19 detection tests as of Monday.

The district reported it has had 2,200 cases, 190 hospitalizations and 75 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 260 probable cases, one probable hospitalization and six probable deaths.

The district didn’t report any new hospitalizations over the weekend but did report one on Monday. Eight deaths have been reported in the district this month but no new deaths were reported over the weekend.

Hospitalizations from COVID-19 in the commonwealth have ebbed and flowed throughout the pandemic but are slowly trending in a positive direction. The Virginia Department of Health reported just 21 new hospitalizations on Monday.

Since March, the state has reported it has had 71,642 cases, 6,765 hospitalizations and 1,968 deaths. Total figures include 2,828 probable cases, 45 probable hospitalization and 107 probable deaths.

Hospitalization data reported by the VDH and the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association show some differences in the total number of people who have been treated in a hospital for COVID-19.

According to the VHHA dashboard that compiles information about hospital visits for COVID-19 patients, there have been 9,330 people who have been treated for COVID-19 and discharged. All of those people were confirmed to have had COVID-19, according to the dashboard.

In an email from a VHHA representative, the association said the difference in hospitalization figures amounts to the VHHA and VDH using slightly different data, including the VHHA reporting out-of-state residents who are hospitalized in Virginia.

The dashboard also reported on Monday there are 1,129 people who are hospitalized with COVID-19 or who are showing symptoms of the disease. Of the total number, there are 663 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and 466 still waiting for a test result.

Intensive care units are treating 243 COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 patients and 105 of those patients are using a ventilator. The state has 2,977 ventilators in its hospitals and 614 of them are currently in use.

Local cases

Shenandoah County reported it has had 615 cases, 67 hospitalizations and 35 deaths.

Frederick County reported it has had 553 cases, 42 hospitalizations and six deaths.

Winchester City reported it has had 356 cases, 25 hospitalizations and three deaths.

Warren County reported it has had 313 cases, 19 hospitalizations and eight deaths.

Page County reported it has had 302 cases, 30 hospitalizations and 23 deaths.

Clarke County reported it has had 61 cases, seven hospitalizations and no deaths.

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