Samuel Harper

WOODSTOCK – Authorities have accused a Shenandoah County man of assaulting several law enforcement officers trying to arrest him after he failed to stop his vehicle.

A grand jury handed up indictments in Shenandoah County Circuit Court on Wednesday charging Samuel Paul Harper with three counts of assault and battery against a law enforcement officer and eluding police. Harper, 26, of 1435 Deer Rapids Road, Strasburg, also stands charged with one count each of fleeing law enforcement and reckless driving.

A criminal complaint filed with charging documents states that an officer saw a vehicle fail to stop at a red light at North Massanutten and East King streets in Strasburg. The officer states he activated his emergency lights and attempted to make a traffic stop but the suspect vehicle continued traveling to Funk Road. The officer followed the vehicle to Funk Road while using the siren and emergency light, the complaint states.

The officer states he saw the vehicle cross the center line several times and reach speeds of almost 80 mph. The vehicle approached Battlefield Road and the driver turned on the right turn signal, the officer states. The driver appeared to almost lose control of the vehicle, which then traveled to Funk Road, according to the complaint. The officer states he then drove back into Strasburg.

A few minutes later, emergency dispatchers called the officer and stated that Harper had called in and apologized for not stopping and said he received a call that his daughter was choking. Officers later responded to Deer Rapids Road to make contact with Harper, who arrived at their location, the complaint states.

Harper started to explain to officers his story about his daughter choking when an officer advised him to stop talking until he had been read his Miranda rights, according to the complaint. After the officer read Harper his rights, Harper said he wanted to have an attorney present, the complaint states.

Harper started to talk on a phone and the officer told the accused to stop, according to the complaint. Harper ignored the order at which point the officer took the accused by the wrist and told him to get off the phone, the complaint states. Harper shoved the officer and then was forced to the ground. Officers apprehended Harper and put him in handcuffs, according to the complaint.

Officers put Harper in the back of the patrol vehicle, the complaint states. When they discovered a problem with the handcuffs, three officers took Harper out of the vehicle and one officer uncuffed Harper's left hand to get the cuffs back on. Harper then tried to get away while his hand was behind his back, the complaint states. Harper shoved past an officer and ignored orders to put his hand behind his back, according to the complaint. After several minutes, Harper was secured and officers took him to Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail where he has remained held without bond.

The grand jury also indicted the following people:

John William McAllister, 68, of 153 Honeywell Ave., Stanley, Virginia, on one count of driving while intoxicated after having committed two or more violations within 10 years.

Cassie Renea Clark, 24, of 989 Caverns Road, Quicksburg, on one count of possession of methamphetamine.

Javier Garcia Ortiz, 40, of no fixed address, on one count of distribution of a schedule I or II controlled substance.

Daniel Juberto Grijalba-Pierto, 29, of Odessa, Texas, on one count of distribution of a schedule I or II controlled substance.

Donald Lee Sutherly III, 26, of 9346 N. Congress St., Apt. 2, New Market, on one count of possession of methamphetamine. Sutherly also is charged with misdemeanor possession of a schedule IV controlled substance identified as tramadol and a second unidentified schedule IV controlled substance.

Christopher Sean Crawford-Duval, 40, on one count of abduction. Crawford-Duval was also charged with misdemeanor assault.

Denise Michelle Falk, also known as Denise Atkins, 45, of 417 E. Criser Road, Front Royal, on one count of embezzlement.

Kevin Bland Hooker, 55, of 716 E. Main Blvd., Church Hill, Tennessee, on one count each of distribution of a schedule I or II controlled substance, a third or subsequent offense, and possession of heroin.

James Edward Watkins, 22, of Strasburg, on one count of possession of fentanyl.

Patricia Ann Cooper, of Woodstock, on one count each of forgery, obtaining money by false pretenses and identity theft.

Bruce Robert Hughes, 50, of Woodstock, on one count each of distribution of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Lyndon Michael Wolverton, 27, of Adelphi, Maryland, on two counts of receiving stolen property.

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