WOODSTOCK – A Shenandoah County man accused of stalking a woman and twice violating protective orders remains free on bond.

A grand jury in Shenandoah County Circuit Court indicted Mark Alan Brown on Wednesday on a felony count of violating the conditions of a protective order. The grand jury also indicted Brown, 44, of 449 Lee St., Woodstock, on misdemeanor charges of stalking, trespassing and violating a protective order.

Brown was outside a trailer park looking inside the woman’s bedroom at approximately 8:45 p.m. June 20, 2018, according to a document filed by a magistrate the next morning. Once the woman saw Brown at the window he left her residence, the magistrate states.

Mount Jackson police officer M.E. Johnson responded to the residence and saw Brown traveling north on Main Street away from the home. At the scene, Johnson noticed that grass was pressed down in front of the bedroom window indicating that someone had stood there, the document states.

“(The woman) stated that Mark parks his car down the road and walks into the trailer park and that this is an ongoing issue and that she is in fear of her safety,” the document states.

The alleged victim had reported to law enforcement on June 13 and 14 that Brown was on her property looking in her windows, and Johnson confirmed the incidents with witnesses and the county emergency communication center, according to the document. The alleged victim was granted a protective order June 15 and both parties were served the document.

Johnson spoke to Brown at the Circle K convenience store at 11 p.m. June 18 and advised him that if he continued to go into the trailer park and to the woman’s residence that he could be charged with violating a protective order and stalking, the document states.

Brown received a notice June 18 ordering that he not trespass on the trailer park property.

A magistrate granted Brown’s release on a $2,000 secured bond June 21, shortly after the defendant’s arrest on the charges of stalking and violating a protective order, according to a checklist for bail determinations. The magistrate checked the box on the form indicating that Brown is not likely to obstruct or try to obstruct justice, threaten, injure or intimidate or attempt to threaten, intimidate or injure the victim or prospective juror or witness.

The magistrate notes that Brown said he was at home on June 20 with his children. The alleged victim claims this is an ongoing problem and Brown was encountered as a suspicious person somewhat near the woman’s place of work, the magistrate indicates.

“But, ironically, he may have been trying to specifically avoid her, leading him to be IDd as suspicious – or he might have been following her furtively,” the magistrate states.

Law enforcement told the magistrate that Brown’s sons stated he was at home on June 20.

The alleged victim filed a handwritten criminal complaint in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on July 13. She states that she was visiting a friend’s house and sitting on the porch talking when Brown passed by the residence slowly and looked straight at her. The woman’s friend checked behind her building and saw Brown, the complaint states. The woman’s friend came back to where they were sitting and tells the alleged victim to go around the other way, the complaint states. The woman goes on to state that at one point she sees Brown by the nearby railroad tracks. Brown left the area once she saw him, the complaint states.

A law enforcement officer told her to file her complaint with the magistrate. The alleged victim notes in her complaint that Brown was free on bond after having been charged with violating a protective order, trespassing and stalking.

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