The Warren County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man Monday on charges of breaking and entering with the intent to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson; obstruction of justice; and destruction of property.

According to a news release, the Sheriff’s Office received a call around 12:30 p.m. Monday from a Reliance Road resident in Middletown who heard noises from the house’s garage.

According to a criminal complaint in the case, Sheriff’s Office Deputy C.A. Brown responded to the call and found Blake Sneathen, 26, on the porch of the garage.

When Brown ordered Sneathen to raise his hands and walk down the porch’s steps, the complaint states, he refused.

Around an hour later, two more deputies from the Sheriff’s Office arrived, the criminal complaint states. One of them, Deputy Griffith, ordered Sneathen to come down from the porch.

When Sneathen again refused, the complaint states, Griffith released a dog, whichm the complaint states, “made contact with [Sneathen].”

“Griffith advised [Sneathen] to quit resisting and place his hands behind his back,” the complaint states.

After a struggle, the complaint states, Brown and another officer placed [Sneathen’s] hands behind his back and handcuffed him.”

Following the arrest, Brown spoke with Shawn Smith, the son of the owner of the Reliance Road home. Smith, the criminal complaint stated, spoke with Sneathen for close to eight minutes.

“Mr. Smith advised Brown that he stopped speaking with [Sneathen] after [Sneathen] advised Smith he was going to kill him,” the complaint states.

According to the criminal complaint, Smith recorded the conversation.

“Brown listened to the recording and heard [Sneathen] advise Smith he was going to kill him,” the complaint states.

Following his arrest, the news release states, Sneathen refused to seek medical attention. Neither the news release nor the criminal complaint outlines the extent of Sneathen’s injuries; the Sheriff’s Office has not responded to a request for comment.

According to the criminal complaint, Sneathen damaged a door and kicked wooden pickets off the porch of the garage. He was charged with destruction of property valuing less than $1,000.

He is being held without bail at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail.