Phillip S. Griffin II


Weeks after a final order was entered in a case petitioning to remove Strasburg Mayor Richard Orndorff Jr. from office, Orndorff and his attorney, Phil Griffin II, filed an objection and asked the court to reconsider its ruling.

On Jan. 3, Judge Alexander Iden wrote an opinion ruling that while Griffin was entitled to reimbursement for legal fees incurred in the case, the time spent and billed was overestimated. Instead of the $15,142.88 Griffin was seeking, Iden ruled that Strasburg would have to pay him $2,700.

On Jan. 16, Griffin filed an eight-point motion arguing the court did not address key points of his argument and asked the court to reconsider its ruling.

Griffin argued that Iden didn’t dispute several points of contention, including the fact that Orndorff had to be prepared within five days of the petition filing for a hearing; that Griffin had to drive from Winchester to Woodstock for two hearings or that Griffin had to file several documents responding to the commonwealth’s attorney and the town of Strasburg.

Griffin also wrote that Iden didn’t consider the fact that the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office never filed a response to the first bill of particulars. Because there wasn’t any response, Griffin requested the court offer summary judgment on Dec. 11.

The case was also dragged out more than six weeks beyond when it should have been dismissed, Griffin argued, forcing Orndorff to prepare for a trial and hearings.

In Iden’s final order, he wrote that the case was “quickly resolved,” a description Griffin called “inaccurate” in his motion.

Griffin will appear before Iden today in Winchester, asking him to reconsider his ruling and award the $15,142 Griffin had  requested.

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