Middletown is looking to bring LOVE to the community.

Mayor Charles Harbaugh said he came up with the idea to install a LOVE sign as a way of incorporating Middletown while also celebrating Lord Fairfax Community College’s 50th anniversary.

“A LOVE sign is a great tourist attraction and creates memories for the visitors that travel to the roughly 200 (signs) across the state of Virginia,” Harbaugh said.

The signs help drive the local economies of communities and could help Middletown showcase its shops, nonprofits and restaurants, Harbaugh said.

“We are truly looking forward to the challenge of showcasing our community through these four letters,” he said.

A design is needed for the sign, and anyone can stop by the Middletown town office or LFCC to pick up a form to sketch out or detail in words a design concept. The letters should represent Middletown and the area in some manner. The L in Love has already been selected to represent Lord Fairfax Community College in some way.

The school is being considered as the site for the LOVE sign.

Harbaugh wrote a grant and was approved for $1,500 to help cover costs for the sign.

Submissions are due March 1, and the sign is expected to be unveiled in September. 

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