MIDDLETOWN – Members of the town's Planning Commission on Tuesday night created a priority list for town projects.

The members identified their top seven projects the town should tackle. That priority list will be recommended to Town Council at its June meeting.

At the top of the list: improvements to the wastewater treatment plant.

Chair Mark Dalton, who is also the town’s fire chief, suggested that the second and third town most important  projects should be studying the stormwater infusion into and runoff from the town’s stormwater system, which could require mapping and monitoring lines.

Members agreed the fourth priority for the town needs to be identifying and mapping the town’s water distribution system.

“We know where the (water) mains are, but the rest seems to be institutional knowledge,” Dalton said.

The fifth priority is identifying where the town may need additional fire hydrants.

Members then suggested sidewalk expansions and repairs be the next in priority.

The last priority would be improving and adding street lighting where needed.

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