Newman-Frye Middletown photo

Diane Newman-Frye

MIDDLETOWN — Town Council on Monday unanimously appointed Diane Newman-Frye the Planning Commission’s chairwoman.

Newman-Frye — who was appointed as a commissioner in May 2021 — replaces former chairman Marco Furman, who moved out of town in July and resigned. She is pastor of the nondenominational Edified Body of Christ Church in Manassas, having received a doctorate in theology from the Spirit of Truth Institute. She was previously a bus driver with Frederick County Public Schools.

“I’d like to say that I was elated that I was unanimously appointed ... Our town, as we know, is a beautiful town to live in,” she said over the phone.

Newman-Frye wants to keep Middletown “a good town” and that “I want to see nothing but the best for our people.” She hopes to “address any complaints our citizens may have.”

She said while she supports growth, she wants to ensure it is “well-planned.”

“We have several communities that have just opened and want to make sure that the infrastructure and the new developments coming in will be better, or be great for those of us who have already been here,” Newman-Frye said. “So that we can come together as one body in the town of Middletown.”

The council also appointed David Gustafson as the Planning Commission’s vice chair.

The Planning Commission has one vacancy and Town Clerk Christina Smith said the town has received two applications.

Also at the meeting,

The council unanimously approved naming a new street in the Enfield Knolls subdivision after K9 EDO, the first certified law enforcement K9 in town history.

Front Royal resident James Booterbaugh presented and donated two wood flag designs of the American flag and the Middletown logo to council. Booterbaugh was set up at the town’s July 4th event and had his busiest day ever in terms of sales for his Boots American Flags business.

Attending the meeting were Mayor Charles Harbaugh and council members Jeff Pennington, Carolyn Aliff, Carole Snyder Jones and Scott Fink. Shayla Rickard and Stephanie Mitchell were absent.

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If "chairman" is frowned upon why isn't chairwoman?

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