MIDDLETOWN — Members of the town’s Board of Zoning Appeals on Monday selected its chairman and vice chair.

Henry Shiley was again voted in as chairman. Tess Cangiano-Klimm was voted in as vice chair after Raymond Steele, who held the position, said he was not able to serve in the role again.

Town Attorney J. David Griffin led the group through a discussion of what would be expected of the Board of Zoning Appeals, training the board on how to conduct a hearing, the standards they are to apply, how they gather the evidence, and how they apply the standards to the facts that are presented.

Griffin asked members if there is a dispute, what would they do.

Shiley explained that they would have to advertise that the appeals board would meet. He said they would then review the plan and schedule a site visit.

Griffin agreed and further explained that if there is a property or project in dispute, the board, the town zoning director, himself and whoever else wished to go should go together as a group to visit the site.

He stressed decisions have to be based on a defendable reason such as town code or an exemption given based on something like a hardship.

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