Mount Jackson is projecting modest revenue and expenditure increases in its proposed 2020 budget of $2,261,600.

Town Manager Kevin Fauber said the projected increase of about 1.4 percent above 2019 factors in a strong economy.

“I think the biggest part of it is just the general uptick in the general economy throughout the U.S., locally and so forth,” Fauber said in a phone call Thursday. “There are no increases in the tax rate, it’s all based off of actual revenues received and forecasting going forward.”

Local taxes aren’t going up, Fauber said, but some rates are. The town is raising its water and sewer rate roughly 1.5 percent and water rates are increasing by 10 cents per 1,000 gallons and 20 cents per thousand gallons for sewer.

Water and sewer rates tend to increase every year to keep up with inflation, Fauber said. While some localities increase their rates more to accommodate major projects — such as the water tower project in New Market — but Fauber said Mount Jackson isn’t looking at large increases right now.

The budget does account for 3 percent raises for town employees, a common trend among localities this year.

While town employees are in for raises, there aren’t any plans to add employees next year, Fauber said.

Some capital improvement funds are carrying over into 2020 from the current budget, Fauber said, to help the town finish its well project.

The town introduced the proposed budget at its meeting on Tuesday and will hold a public hearing on May 14 before voting to approve the budget in June.

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