MOUNT JACKSON – Town Council members approved a bid from Letter Perfect to install a new marquee sign in front of Town Hall.

The current sign has been in place since the building was erected in the late 1990s, Mayor J.G. “Bucky” Miller said Tuesday evening. The new sign will use the existing structure rather than removing and replacing the entire sign.

“I like the fact that we are going to be able to use the existing [sign],” Miller said. “When we first started this conversation, that was something that I brought up.”

The new marquee sign will have an LED sign, similar to the one already installed, but rather than scrolling text, the sign will have one message on the board. Those messages may still scroll, depending on how many messages the town has to share, Miller said, but it will prevent some of the issues the scrolling sign had.

In the past, people driving through town might only see one or two words of a message before passing the sign, Miller said. The example Miller gave was of someone driving through town and seeing “on Wednesday.”

“And you went through town and you drove past and you’d wonder, ‘what in the world was happening on Wednesday,’” Miller said. “Hopefully, you would come back in time to catch it another time.”

Throughout the process, Miller said finding a company that was willing to install a new LED sign without tearing out the entire structure was a challenge. The cost for the new sign is $20,400. Miller said there were some bids from companies charging half that just to fix the sign, without factoring in other construction costs.

Every council member in attendance supported the motion to move forward with Letter Perfect installing the new sign.

Councilman Donald Pifer was not present for Tuesday’s meeting.

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