Athletes, coaches and athletic directors around the area are all still trying to process the news from Monday that there will be no spring sports this season. A season was ripped away from everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the question remains when will anyone be able to participate in sports again?

The first practices for the fall season start on July 30 for football and golf with cross country and volleyball starting on Aug. 3. But most sports activities run throughout the summer, whether it be summer camps, 7 on 7 for football, open gyms, weight training.

On Tuesday, the VHSL put off a decision about possibly allowing spring sports teams to play games over the summer. The VHSL said it will meet again in May and look further into the issue, but did also say that there will be no recognized spring state champions this year.

Central Athletic Director Justin Broughman said that until everyone is allowed to go back to a normal life there’s no way to know what’s going to happen with summer sports activities.

“I really don’t know,” Broughman said. “I don’t know when we’ll be able to get back to doing anything.”

Strasburg Athletic Director Matt Hiserman said that if things get pushed back in the summer, it could lead to problems for the fall season. He said if athletes aren’t able to get in the usual offseason training it will make things tougher.

“Trying to jump into fall sports when kids have been out of workouts for two, three months that becomes another issue you have to look at,” Hiserman said. “Depending on when this stuff kind of works its way out. That’s the problem right now is you’re in a waiting game. You don’t know what the next step’s going to be, because you don’t know what’s going to come down from above the next day. Things in regards to safety and trying to help people stay healthy, because obviously that’s the main goal is to keep people healthy and keep people out of the hospital and from having this virus.”

Skyline Athletic Director Bill Cupp said there’s still things that need to be done to finish up the spring season, but then the next step is summer workouts and figuring out how to make that work. Cupp said that the new academic year for Skyline is set to begin June 8, but there’s no guarantee things will be better by then.

“I want all my fall coaches to be planning on (workouts), be in the planning stage,” Cupp said. “But they’re also going to have to realize that it could be canceled. But you have to have a plan in place. That way if it does happen you’re able to do it.”

Cupp said they have plenty of issues to still deal with for the spring season. Warren County Public Schools were originally on spring break this week and Cupp said that has made it a little harder to talk to administrators and figure things out this week.

“Being on spring break right now, that makes it a little tougher for this week,” Cupp said. “Hopefully when we can make it back and officially open for business March 30, we’ll figure out some way to start answering some of these questions. I’ve got way more questions than I’ve got answers.”

Cupp said that a VHSL physical day, a day where athletes can get their VHSL physicals, scheduled for May might have to be postponed. He said they also have to find a way to get back all of the uniforms from players.

“All of our uniforms are out,” Cupp said. “So that’s just from a school perspective, there’s several thousands of dollars worth of equipment that we need to figure out ways to collect.”

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