Muse Vineyards

Muse Vineyards, shown here, will host an event on two Sundays in October that will explore the history of its first wine, Clio. 

WOODSTOCK — In celebration of Virginia Wine Month as well as the fifth anniversary of its tasting room being open, Muse Vineyards is inviting folks to come learn about its most celebrated wine, the Clio.

Clio won the Virginia Governor’s Cup Overall Best in Show award in 2015.

The event, The Clio Journey, will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on consecutive Sundays on Oct. 17 and 24 at Muse Vineyards, located at 16 Serendipity Lane in Woodstock.

Muse Vineyards Co-owner Sally Cowal will lead the tours, which will include a trip through the vineyard as well as a stop at the tasting room.

It’s currently harvest time, so those who attend the event will be able to see some aspects of the harvest. They will also be able to see some fruit that hasn’t been released yet. They’ll be able to taste the wines that make up the Clio before they’re blended, too. After that, folks will be able to come up to the tasting room to taste three different years worth of Clio.

“We’ll do maybe the 2010, the 2015 and the 2017 Clio. So people can get a feel for the individual varietals from a particular year. You have good years and better years, so it’s an interesting thing for someone who is interested in wine. We’ll also teach them about how it ages and how it changes,” Cowal said. “It’ll be an educational event but it’s a chance to taste some of these library wines that we no longer sell. And it’s a chance to pair that with foods that go really well with it.”

Clio is the Bordeaux-style red blend produced, vinted, aged and bottled at Muse Vineyards. Bordeaux blend features varietals from Bordeaux, France and are grown at Muse. There are five grapes that you can grow in Bordeaux, and they are all grown at Muse.

The French vines are grasped onto American root stock so they can be planted in the Virginia climate, Cowal said.

Clio was the first wine Muse Vineyards produced upon opening in Shenandoah County. The first harvest for Clio was done in 2009 and the wine was later entered into the Virginia Governor’s Cup, which receives anywhere from 600 to 800 wine submissions across the Commonwealth.

“That was a pretty exciting start, then to go ahead and build a tasting room and do all this great stuff here,” Cowal said.

The name Clio comes from the Greek Goddess Muse of History, which Cowal said seemed fitting for their first wine.

Tickets for the event are $40, or $35 if you’re a Wine Club member. For more information, visit

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