FRONT ROYAL – Photographer Scott Turnmeyer and his wife Pam Turnmeyer opened Turnmeyer Galleries this week.

The grand opening will take place with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10 a.m. today.

“This is a different type of gallery. We call it a boutique gallery,” Scott Turnmeyer said.

Inside the South Street gallery, artwork of various styles and looks cover the walls, including a print of Turnmeyer’s photo of a grist mill in Beckley, West Virginia, which was shot from an angle different from what is common and incorporating two different exposures to lift out the texture and movement of the water as well as the wind moving the grass and trees.

“I try to do something different in my work,” he said of his photos.

Turnmeyer Galleries features Turnmeyer’s photos in any size, including a one-of-a-kind artist proof that is a photo in acrylic on metal.

The gallery’s walls hold the work of various Front Royal artists, including Dana Thomas’s work in liquid pours, Karen Weinberg’s work in color ink, and the photography of Sarah Morgan. JacQui Ris’ work spray paint is featured on the inside walls as well as on the outside of the building. The Turnmeyers hired Ris to create a Shenandoah National Park and River themed mural on the entire side of the building. The mural features the Blue Ridge Mountains with hikers, the Shenandoah River with kayakers, bright flowers, bald eagles and a sunset that radiates at the top of the building to a night sky of stars and a nebula. The mural was included in the Appalachian Trail Mural Program, Scott Turnmeyer said.

In addition to photos, there are items for gifts available at the gallery, including puzzles made from Turnmeyer’s photos.

Puzzles, which are their biggest selling item, brought customer Ruth Wahl into the gallery. She was there to pick up her order of three puzzles that were for gifts.

One of the puzzles Wahl purchased is of Turnmeyer’s most popular photo called Front Royal Christmas – a scene of the town’s gazebo at Christmas. The second puzzle was of a scene that Turnmeyer calls Small Town Christmas. The third is called New River Gorge Bridge.

“People love puzzles,” Wahl said. “I love the picture.”

She said it is important for people to support local businesses.

Wahl and her husband took some time to look around the studio. She said her granddaughter Grace has taken a photography class with Turnmeyer and loved it, and Wahl said she is considering taking a class.

Other gifts sold at the gallery include three different lines of scented Yankee Candle candles, the more crafty soy-based candle line from Milk Reclamation Barn, which is based in Pennsylvania, and the Turnmeyers’ own line of handmade candles called Eagle Candles, of which Blueberry Muffin is the most popular scent.

There are also Christmas tree ornaments with images of Scott Turnmeyere’s photos for purchase as well as jewelry. They offer Bella Ryann jewelry, which they compare to the Alex and Ani jewelry line but at half the cost, as well as Moonglow jewelry, in which the company takes a date special to the client, looks up the phase of the moon on that date and sets the image of the moon in the appropriate phase into a necklace or bracelet.

In addition to the many items for sale, Scott Turnmeyer will be hosting photography and other types of classes there. He is the only photographer who is permitted to run photography workshops in the Shenandoah National Park and he will be using the gallery as his base of operations for his sunrise, sunset, night sky and waterfall photography workshops.

The gallery will also house his studio for in-house portraits, and he will continue to be available for on-site portraits, such as weddings.

Scott Turnmeyer is a self-taught photographer and has been working in the field for 11 years. He has been teaching classes in his home for over five years.

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