NEW MARKET — The Town Council chose its top town manager candidate at its closed session on Saturday, Councilman Daryl Wakins said on Monday.

“We have a candidate that we all like,” Watkins said by phone, adding that work to finalize a job offer should be done "anytime in the next couple of days." 

Current Town Manager Todd Walters plans to retire from the job early this year after having served more than five years in the position. He informed the council late last year about his retirement plans and said he would stay on board until the new manager is hired.

“Todd is starting a conversation with the candidate we selected,” Watkins said.

Walters told The Northern Virginia Daily in December that he wants to see what else he can do professionally after leaving his current position. He was unavailable for comment on Monday about New Market’s potential new town manager.

Saturday’s meeting was the council’s second closed session to interview candidates. Councilman Scott Wymer was unable to attend Saturday’s meeting because of other commitments.

The deadline for candidates to apply was Jan. 14. The salary range for the new manager is $90,000 to $110,000. Walters’ current salary is $111,577.

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