NEW MARKET – Town Council members approved a conditional use permit on Tuesday evening, allowing a fully licensed day care facility to operate in town.

The town held a joint session between the Planning Commission and Town Council on Jan. 7 to discuss the permit application.

Town Manager Todd Walters told council members that parking — the Planning Commission’s and neighbors’ biggest fears — would not be an issue for the facility.

Walters told council members the building has 27 parking spaces for all of the residents to share. Parking requirements are calculated based on sales area for businesses, Walters said. The tobacco store, according to Walters, wouldn’t need more than three spaces. Another office near the tobacco store would need, at most, another three. The only unknown quantity is the new spa, which Walters said he couldn’t calculate now.

“Right now, I don’t see parking being an issue,” Walters said. “Based on the [town] code, she needs one [space] for every 10 students.”

Yvonne Frazier, chairman of the board of directors for the nonprofit center, stated in her application for the permit that she expects to have a maximum of 30 students and four to five employees.

Frazier said her employees would park behind the building, allowing parents dropping off and picking up their children to use the spaces out front.

Peggy Harkness, a council member, said she was happy to hear that employees would be parking behind the building. She said her only concern was traffic in front of the business while children were getting in and out of cars.

While Frazier doesn’t appear to need to add parking to set up shop, she will be building a fenced-in play area behind the building — a requirement for her license. Frazier said she has someone who is marking out the property lines and working with someone from James Madison University to design the space.

All present council members voted to approve the permit. Councilman Peter Hughes recused himself due to his being a member of the board on the project. Scott Wymer was not present for Tuesday’s meeting.

The Town Council’s next meeting will be a work session at 5 p.m. Jan. 29.

Correction: This story has been updated to identify   Yvonne Frazier as the chairman of the board of directors for the nonprofit center.  The spelling of her last name has been corrected.

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