MIDDLETOWN – The newest members of the town's Planning Commission attended their first meeting Monday and heard what the panel has been asked to work on.

Acting Chairman Joan Roche and member Mark Dalton, Middletown’s fire chief, greeted new members Marco Furman, Kim Begnaud and Alexandra Hannigan to their new roles. The three are filling the terms of Daryl Terrill, who now sits on the town council, Frank Meres and John Copeland.

Roche said this meeting was more of an introduction and a meeting to become familiar with how the meetings work.

Begnaud, who has lived in Middletown since 2007, is the owner of Begnaud Sales, a medical equipment and supply company. She also works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and said she may occasionally have to miss meetings during a response.

Furman has been working in sales in the construction industry.

“I want to do my best to help the town,” Furman said.

Hannigan moved from Front Royal to Middletown about 18 months ago. She is a realtor and a member of the town's 4th of July Committee.

Members received a handout from the Public Works Committee that details an agenda of items to be worked on. Roche explained that the commission has been tasked with studying the stormwater system. Town officials wrote in the handout that the system needs to be planned, working from discharge points backward.

The commission is also looking at:

• Town sidewalks and curbs to plan for repairs and extensions.

• Incorporating Main Street into public places like parks, the fire hall, restaurants, churches.

• Studying parking in the town and conducting a streetlight review to see if lights are where they need to be, are there unnecessary lights and possible areas where streetlights are needed.

Roche asked everyone to review the list and they will return at the April 22 meeting to discuss it, members' thoughts, and what the priority of these tasks should be.

Roche also told members they should anticipate electing a chairman and a vice chairman at the next meeting.

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