FRONT ROYAL -– With the town’s recent switch to single-stream recycling, Public Works Director Robert Boyer said there are a few procedural changes of which citizens should be aware.

The Town Council on Monday opted to continue recycling after the Winchester-based Southern Scrap had been winding down the amount of materials it accepts from Front Royal.

The town will now take its recycling to a Manassas facility that accepts single-stream recycling, meaning that citizens do not have to separate their recyclables.

Boyer said the main change citizens will have to adapt to is that recyclables must be more thoroughly cleaned.

For example, he said a peanut butter jar should be washed out to have no remnants of peanut butter. He added that labels should be removed from jars and cans and tape should be removed from cardboard boxes.

Boyer said any items that are not properly cleaned will not be picked up and left behind with a note explaining the issue.

A town public notice states that unacceptable items include glass, wax-coated cardboard, Styrofoam, anti-freeze and oil containers, plastic bags and aerosol cans. 

At the end of the day, Boyer said recycling should ultimately be easier for both the town and citizens. He said the town will try to make the transition as smooth as possible and will continue attempts to educate the public on the changes.

As Front Royal changed its recycling system, Warren County Public Works Manager Mike Berry said over the phone that the county has not changed its collection system.

The county has five recycling collection stations and a list of acceptable items at each location can be found on the county’s website.

“We’re doing the same things…we’re trying to hold the line for as long as we can,” he said.

Berry said the county takes its recycling to several places in Winchester, Manassas and Page County. If one of the collection facilities closes, Berry said the county would do its best to find a proper replacement and not change anything.

The changes in town recycling resulted in a likely $43,000 increase in collection costs, which will be covered for a year by foregoing the purchase of a new recycling truck. After a year, collection fees will have to increase by 85 cents to cover costs.

Boyer said he has not yet heard any indication whether the town will continue recycling after a year, and "we'll have to see how it goes." 

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