There were no comments at the Toms Brook Town Council meeting and a public hearing held Thursday on the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget.

The meeting was held virtually on Zoom.

The proposed budget has a projected income of $105,423 with projected expenses of $99,775, for a net income of $5,648.

Toms Brook Town Mayor Lisa Currie said town taxes wouldn't be raised this year.

"We think the budget was strong enough this year that we do not have to increase taxes, even though trash pick-up will be more next year," Currie said. "We have a little bit of a cushion, because of the fact that we had budgeted for our recycling and then we had to give up our recycling because it got too expensive. So we can use that additional (money) to help offset the costs of the landfill fee that will go up."

The Toms Brook Planning Commission also met Thursday virtually on Zoom with the Town Council for a public hearing on the Town of Toms Brook Comprehensive Plan for 2020-2040.

Currie said she did receive one comment before the meeting from Toms Brook resident Sandy Rinker on the plan.

Rinker noticed a few things that will be corrected to the plan, which will be voted on next month. On page 19 of the 34-page plan, the words convenience store (Dollar General) needed to be added to a graph talking about some of the facilities and services in the town.

On page 25 of the plan, Brook Village was labeled on the wrong side of Hahn's Lane. On page 26, the word sewer should be added to the word water in the following sentence: "This includes the Town's control of the delivery of public services (water) and capabilities and response of fire and rescue, and public safety." This sentence was under strategy B in the section on goals to preserve and enhance the sustainability of the town.

The Toms Brook Planning Commission will meet on June 4 to approve any changes to the Town of Toms Brook Comprehensive Plan for 2020-2040.

The plan and the proposed budget will then go to the Town Council at its next meeting at 7 p.m. June 11 for approval.

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