The Lord Fairfax Health District continued to preserve its ward against steady increases of COVID-19 racking the state on Thursday with a report of seven new cases and three hospitalizations.

The district has not reported a new death since July 21.

The district’s health appears to be durable as its numbers have climbed — like the rest of the state — as its positivity rate has continued to fall. The district has conducted 31,544 COVID-19 detection tests and saw its seven-day average positivity rate fall to 4.3% on Thursday.

Early on, when the district was conducting fewer than 300 tests a day, the positivity rate was as high as 19.7%. Early tests were targeted to check people who were believed to be sick but even with more robust testing capabilities, most tests are still being administered to people who believe they have symptoms, Dr. Norman Oliver, the state health commissioner, said this week.

Now that the district is regularly testing 300 to 500 people a day — with some days as high as 700 tests — the percentage of tests that come back positive is continuing to fall.

As a whole, Virginia is continuing to maintain its health in terms of the percentage of tests that return positive — the rate has risen from a low of 5.8% in June to 7.2% over a seven-day average on Thursday but it has not gone above 8% during that time.

The Virginia Department of Health reported on Thursday that Virginia has had 88,904 cases, 7,786 hospitalizations and 2,141 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 3,358 probable cases, 46 probable hospitalizations and 106 probable deaths.

The Lord Fairfax Health District has had 2,446 cases, 213 hospitalizations and 82 deaths. Total figures include 275 probable cases, one probable hospitalization and seven probable deaths.

Local cases

Shenandoah County reported it has had 665 cases, 70 hospitalizations and 40 deaths.

Frederick County reported it has had 649 cases, 49 hospitalizations and seven deaths.

Winchester City reported it has had 390 cases, 28 hospitalizations and four deaths.

Warren County reported it has had 345 cases, 23 hospitalizations and seven deaths.

Page County reported it has had 331 cases, 36 hospitalizations and 24 deaths.

Clarke County reported it has had 66 cases, seven hospitalizations and no deaths.

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