Peyton DiNardo;Central;102

Helena Ritter;Sherando;93

Hannah Kepler;Strasburg;79

Annika Dellinger;Mountain View;74

Ashton Spiker;Skyline;74

Nevaeh Strother;Central;60

Emma Saeler;Mountain View;55

Kylie Appleton;Skyline;52

Abby Branner;Sherando;51

Tanner Johnson;Skyline;42

Chloe Helsley;Central;41

Jamie Kelly;Skyline;40

Bre Franklin;Mountain View;39

Hannah Fisher;Strasburg;38

Stella Good;Central;33

Lilly Blank;Mountain View;28

Hannah Merriner;Strasburg;27

Aamori Williams;Central;27

Megan Martin;Strasburg;23

Bailey Sheetz;Central;23


Lilly Blank;Mountain View;28

Chloe Helsley;Central;15

Jamie Kelly;Skyline;12

Hannah Kepler;Strasburg;11

Stella Good;Central;13

Aamori Williams;Central;10

Madison Ramsey;Skyline;9

Bailey Sheetz;Central;9

Annika Dellinger;Mountain View;8

Peyton DiNardo;Central;8

Sarah Starling;Sherando;8

Ashton Spiker;Skyline;6

Kayleigh Williams;Skyline;5


Bailey Sheetz;Central;298

Amanda Ingrassia;Sherando;182

Hannah Whitaker;Mountain View;179

Jamie Kelly;Skyline;176

Hannah Merriner;Strasburg;73

Megan Martin;Strasburg;69


Kylie Appleton;Skyline;35

Sydney Hulver;Mountain View;33

Annika Dellinger;Mountain View;27

Peyton DiNardo;Central;26

Carley Jenkins;Strasburg;24

Bailey Sheetz;Central;24

Hannah Merriner;Strasburg;23

Amanda Ingrassia;Sherando;21

Tanner Johnson;Skyline;21

Hannah Kepler;Strasburg;19

Ava Hosaflook;Central;18

Megan Martin;Strasburg;16

Nevaeh Strother;Central;16

Mya Councill;Mountain View;15

Jamie Kelly;Skyline;15

Toni Rhodes;Strasburg;15

Ashton Spiker;Skyline;14

Emma Saeler;Mountain View;13

Hannah Whitaker;Mountain View;13


Sydney Hulver;Mountain View;131

Caylee Walsh;Sherando;98

Kylie Appleton;Skyline;93

Jamie Kelly;Skyline;90

Toni Rhodes;Strasburg;80

Carley Jenkins;Strasburg;79

Mya Councill;Mountain View;73

Ava Hosaflook;Central;71

Audrey Lacombe;Skyline;67

Tanner Johnson;Skyline;58

Peyton DiNardo;Central;56

Bailey Sheetz;Central;53

Ashton Spiker;Skyline;49

Reice Hedrick;Mountain View;48

Bre Franklin;Mountain View;44

Reese Moxley;Strasburg;44

Emma Saeler;Mountain View;44

Hannah Whitaker;Mountain View;43

Nevaeh Strother;Central;42

Kristen Hockman;Central;40

Makayla Harris;Central;39

Megan Martin;Strasburg;38

Jaicey Gonzalez;Mountain View;36

Sydney Ferguson;Strasburg;35

Hannah Fisher;Strasburg;33

Hannah Kepler;Strasburg;31

Hannah Merriner;Strasburg;30

Annika Delllinger;Mountain View;29

Iona Haley;Mountain View;29

Ella Boies;Strasburg;23

Angel Mandiak;Skyline;21


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