Wrestling leaders

(Min. .500 win percentage)

106 pounds

Gabe Ferris;Warren Co.;13-7;.650

Ryan Williams;Skyline;19-14;.576

113 pounds

Damen Chapman;Warren Co.;13-3;.813

Cody Salomon;Skyline;27-8;.771

120 pounds

Corey Chapman;Central;13-4;.765

Morgan Layman;Skyline;9-8;.529

126 pounds

Isaac Dodd;Central;20-1;.952

Phoenix Alyea;Skyline;33-4;.892

Ethan Register;Warren Co.;10-9;.526

132 pounds

Josh Domino;Skyline;29-7;.806

Joey DiVello;Skyline;21-7;.667

Michael Coffron;Warren Co.;10-6;.625

138 pounds

Hunter Salomon;Skyline;33-3;.917

Anthony Moreno;Warren Co.;17-5;.773

William Ayala;Central;10-7;.588

145 pounds

Elijah Frame;Warren Co.;15-4;.789

Wyatt Bosley;Skyline;17-11;.607

152 pounds

Elijah Domino;Skyline;20-12;.625

Blake McCarty;Warren Co.;13-8;.619

Peyton Carter;Skyline;16-15;.516

160 pounds

James Riggs;Warren Co.;5-5;.500

170 pounds

Alex Sotelo;Skyline;23-10;.697

Odane Dodd;Central;16-7;.696

182 pounds

David Fox;Warren Co.;11-6;.647

Ryan Mickelwait;Central;15-9;.625

195 pounds

Dustin Gue;Skyline;32-4;.889

Logan Schultz;Warren Co.;14-7;.668

Nathan Lopez;Central;17-7;.708

220 pounds

Tyler Forbes;Central;12-1;.923

Hunter Pearson;Skyline;16-6;.727

Keyshawn Morgan;Warren Co.;14-8;.636

285 pounds

Matthew Bourgoin;Warren Co.;16-6;.727


Dustin Gue;Skyline;26

Hunter Salomon;Skyline;24

Phoenix Alyea;Skyline;23

Josh Domino;Skyline;19

Isaac Dodd;Central;18

Cody Salomon;Skyline;18

Odane Dodd;Central;16

Matthew Bourgoin;Warren Co.;13

Elijah Domino;Skyline;13

Logan Schultz;Warren Co.;13

Alex Sotelo;Skyline;13

Ryan Williams;Skyline;13

Corey Chapman;Central;12

Anthony Moreno;Warren Co.;12

Wyatt Bosley;Skyline;11

Ryan Mickelwait;Central;11

Nathan Lopez;Central;10

Damen Chapman;Warren Co.;9

Tyler Forbes;Central;9

David Fox;Warren Co.;9

Joey DiVello;Skyline;8

Gabe Ferris;Warren Co.;8

Blake McCarty;Warren Co.;8

Keyshawn Morgan;Warren Co.;8

Hunter Pearson;Skyline;8

William Ayala;Central;7

Mchael Coffron;Warren Co.;7

Elijah Frame;Warren Co.;7

Ethan Register;Warren Co.;7

Gunner Chaffin;Warren Co.;5

Morgan Layman;Skyline;5


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