“Figaro” opens tonight at Winchester Little Theatre.

WINCHESTER — Big wigs, powdered faces, ruffles and lace. The costumes are sure to delight the audience at Winchester Little Theatre’s upcoming performance of “Figaro.”

And that’s just the outfits for the men.

The women’s costumes, too, are a spectacle, each bedazzled with embroidery and bows befitting the aristocracy of 18th-century France. The set is decorated in the over-the-top style favored by the wealthy in the years just before the French Revolution.

“It’s not just a period show,” said director Sara Gomez. “It’s a fancy period show.”

Performances of “Figaro” begin tonight and run through March 23.

Written by Charles Morey, “Figaro” is the 2012 adaptation of the classic French comedy penned by Pierre Beaumarchais in 1778.

Beaumarchais’ play was second in his Figaro trilogy, preceded by “The Barber of Seville” and followed by “The Guilty Mother.” The play skewered aristocratic privilege, which some see now as foreshadowing of the French Revolution.

“This is a play that drew a lot of interest at the time,” Gomez said.

WLT’s production is a loose adaptation of the original with a contemporary sense of humor that takes plenty of stabs at wealth and privilege.

The Associated Press theater critic pronounced the play “gleeful fun” while Backstage magazine said the script was “saucy and sassy” when it debuted at New York City’s Pearl Theater.

The play tells the story of Figaro (a barber and troublemaker), who is about to be married. But everybody in the household where he and his bride-to-be work as servants seems to be scheming to keep the couple apart.

Gomez has directed more than 30 plays for WLT but never gets tired of the process. Every play is different, offering its own treats and challenges.

Gomez was attracted to the humor as well as the political relevance of “Figaro.”

“This was one that caught my fancy,” Gomez said. “It’s a comedy, but it’s also a timely play.”


• For tickets to “Figaro” visit or call 540-662-3331.

• Winchester Little Theatre is located at 315 W. Boscawen St. in Winchester.