If you hire a handyman or a contractor to work on your bathroom, roof or other parts of your house or yard, do you know where the debris from that work is going to end up?

Families on Panhandle Road in Warren County know where some of it is going – right into an illegal dumpsite in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

The other day, our reporter and photographer visited the site with a local resident who had alerted us to the growing problem. Our reporter called the dumpsite “absolutely disgusting.”

The dumping has been going on there for a while, but the other night someone tossed about 60 tires onto the ground that was already covered in shingles, construction debris and other trash. It’s obvious that the culprits hauling debris to this wooded area are doing so to avoid landfill tipping fees.

So, what can we do about illegal dumping? Don’t ignore it. Ask the person you hire where the debris will be taken after a project. If you discover a dumpsite, report it to police or forest rangers. And if you’re the one hauling trash to the forest, shame on you.