NEW MARKET – Yvonne Frasier asked the Planning Commission on Monday evening to help her bring a sorely needed service to New Market — high-quality, licensed child care. Commission members recommended Town Council approve the permit request.

“New Market does not have any type of full-day child care facility,” Frasier wrote in her Conditional Use Permit application. “Parents need dependable, quality child care to maintain employment and provide for their families.”

Frasier is leasing the property at 189 E. Lee Highway in New Market. She said she hopes to convert part of her property into a child care facility that will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and then create a second shift, offering child care for parents working late.

Commission members and neighbors were supportive of Frasier’s plan, but there was some concern about increased traffic and parking capacity.

Frasier explained the busiest times would be in the morning when parents are dropping off kids, between 6 and 8, as well as the evening during pick up between 6 and 6:30. There could also be some traffic from school buses stopping near the center, Frasier wrote in her application.

Theresa Goble, a neighbor, said she was worried about external lighting around the property as well as the use of her ease-way behind the center. Outside lighting wouldn’t be a concern, Goble said, until the center expanded its hours, but she was concerned they might disturb neighbors.

Frasier said she isn’t adding any external lights and she would try to keep disturbances to a minimum as children would be sleeping.

“There wouldn’t be any outside lighting we would be installing for play or anything else. Just the light that would be outside for safety,” Frasier said.

Commission members were supportive of Frasier’s request, acknowledging how useful the center would be.

Tom Linski, vice chairman of the Planning Commission, said the center would be a nice addition to the town.

Sonny Mongold, another commission member, said parking shouldn’t be an issue either. Parking would be limited to parents picking up and dropping off their children; they wouldn’t be sticking around, he said.

Pam Uhl, a New Market resident, said she supported Frasier’s proposal, telling commission members that a licensed day care facility is vital for a community. Uhl said she has two grandchildren who participate in a recreation program, but the program is full.

“A lot of day care centers are full, and when our grandchildren first came to us we scrambled to find day care,” she said. “We couldn’t find anything.”

“The hope of this day care center, I know, is to make affordable day care for people but also to have something for them. Someplace that is safe for these children,” Uhl continued. “I would encourage you, as you’re looking at the day care center, to keep in mind that it is going to be a very good public service for the children of this community.”

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