Casper, a 6-year-old border-collie mix, is available for adoption at the Warren County Humane Society in Front Royal.

FRONT ROYAL – Casper, a 6-year-old border collie mix, is available for adoption.

Jordan Lillard, an animal caretaker with the Warren County Humane Society, said that Casper was brought into the shelter in January.

“[Casper’s] very energetic and sweet,” she said.

Lillard said that Casper is playful and that he does jump on people a bit and he does bark a bit, but he eventually calms down. She said Casper loves to go on walks.

“Every time we take him on a walk, he leads us around,” Lillard said.

She said Casper is good around people, but she wasn’t sure how he would be around children. She said Casper is not good around other cats or dogs, so he should be the only pet in the house.

Casper has no health problems, but he does have a bit of a cloudy left eye, which he can only half see out of.

“[Casper’s] left eye got a little messed up and he has a scar over it” Lillard said. “He hurt it before he came in here. He can still see out of it and he doesn’t have any problems with it. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Lillard said Casper is on a grain-free diet, has been neutered and is up to date on all of his shots. She said his adoption fee has already been paid for.

“Annie Dongoski, of Annie Dongoski Photography, paid his adoption fee,” Lillard said. “She really wanted to take Casper in, but she couldn’t because of how he is with other dogs.”

For more information on Casper, contact the Warren County Humane Society at 540-635-4734.

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