Chessie, a 14-year-old golden retriever mix, is available for adoption at the SPCA in Winchester.

WINCHESTER — Chessie, a 14-year-old golden retriever mix, is up for adoption.

Tracey Conover, an animal care associate at the SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, Warren counties, said that Chessie came into the shelter on Nov. 18 after being surrendered by her owner.

“The owner decided to give [Chessie] up because their chihuahua didn’t like her,” Conover said.

Conover said that despite Chessie’s bad experience with the chihuahua, the dog is still a super lovable dog.

“[Chessie] has lots of love to give,” Conover said. “She would make a great companion dog.”

Conover said that people shouldn’t be afraid of considering adopting Chessie because of her age.

“Even though she’s older, Chessie doesn’t seem like it,” she said.

Conover said that Chessie is the type of dog to just lie around the house, but she will go outside and take walks if someone is willing to go. Conover also said that if anyone does take Chessie for a walk, it’s recommended to put her in a harness instead of a leash.

It’s also recommended that any potential owners introduce other animals to Chessie before considering adoption. Conover said that Chessie loves children.

“[Chessie] is a big baby,” she said. “She’s just looking for someone to cuddle with.”

Conover said that Chessie doesn’t have any health issues and that she’s crate trained.

For more information on Chessie, contact the SPCA at 540-662-8616.

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