STRASBURG — The Planning Commission recommended Tuesday that the Town Council support the town’s proposed five-year Capital Improvement Plan.

The plan includes details about the town’s proposed capital projects, including information about the funding and projected costs of the projects.

The Planning Commission’s vote at its meeting means that the plan will next head to Town Council. Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said he will bring the plan to the council during its April 1 work session.

The vote came with little discussion as the commission had discussed the plan during a previous meeting.

In addition to voting on the Capital Improvement Plan, the commission discussed a site plan application and a special use permit.

Don LeVine, a former council member, had applied for a special use permit to demolish a barn outside his house and replace it with a similar but slightly larger barn. LeVine stated in a note that the existing barn is collapsing.

“Our desire is to replace this barn with one having a similar appearance,” the note stated. “The only deviation being a porch on the side opposite Stover.”

The commission voted to recommend that the Town Council approve the special use permit, with some conditions.

Commission members also voted to approve a site plan application for infrastructure for four single-family homes.

Rick Yeakle, the applicant, aims to construct four single-family homes in the 200 block of Stonewall Street.

During Tuesday’s meeting, several town residents said that there have been problems with water in the area. But Yeakle said that he believes the water concerns are coming from leaking town pipes, citing high chlorine levels in the water.

“Hopefully, the town can find the source of the water, which would help the town as far as water,” Yeakle said.

He added that he has a way to divert the water into Strasburg’s storm drainage system that he could implement if needed.

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