NEW MARKET—Planning Commission members will recommend the approval of a conditional use permit to operate an insurance business out of a residential building after hearing from the public on Monday evening.

Pamela Terry, an insurance agent in Mount Jackson, is set to purchase the property at 204 E. Old Cross Road in New Market. The single-unit home is currently zoned for residential use only.

“The traffic flow is greater in New Market than it is in Mount Jackson,” Terry said about her desire to move shop. “It would [also] possibly allow me to tap into the market in Luray.”

In addition to seeking a permit to operate a business out of a residential home, Terry requested the flexibility to rent out space in the back to another business such as a hair salon or bakery. If the Town Council grants Terry’s permit request, she could offer space to either of those businesses but would have to submit a new request to share the space with any type of business not mentioned in her request.

Commission members were supportive of the plan.

George Daugharty, the commission chairman, said he would like to see more businesses present the idea of multi-use buildings.

“Single businesses in a small town are really tough to keep open,” Daugharty said. “If you can come up with an idea to have a core business and also have a couple other’s a good thing.”

Daugharty thanked Terry for the idea and suggested it should be “customary” that New Market businesses operate that way.

Pending approval of the permit, Terry’s business will not be eligible for New Market’s recently implemented tourism zone ordinance. While Terry’s insurance business does not meet the requirements for a “tourism” business, other businesses sharing the space with her could.

Todd Walters, the town manager, said incentives were not based on the type of permit but on the type of business.

Greg Bair and Tim Linski Jr. were not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

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