MOUNT JACKSON– Planning Commission members on Monday set two public hearings for early next month.

On June 3, before their regular meeting, commission members and the public will hear presentations for a rezoning request and a special use permit.

French Brothers LLC is requesting a conditional rezoning on a little more than 18 acres of land where it is working with Hardees to put in a restaurant. The land is zoned B-3 and French Brothers LLC is requesting a change to B-2 but keep the B-3 parking and setback requirements.

If the land remains zoned B-3, they can’t work with Hardees, a representative said.

Bob Thompson, a Planning Commission member, said he was on the commission nearly 20 years ago when it changed that land’s zoning designation. He said changing it to B-3 then allowed for more things to be done with the land.

Commission members also set a public hearing for Bowman Andros to present its application for a special use permit to build a new food processing plant.

The land Bowman Andros’ plant is on is zoned I-1 Industrial, which requires a special use permit for any new projects.

Bowman Andros has shut down part of its facility that was being used for processing juice and those employees have been moved into other sectors of the plant.

The expansion will take place in three phases, total about 153,000 square feet and should be completed in early to mid-2021, according to Bowman Andros representatives.

Bowman Andros is conducting market research to determine how many employees the expanded plant will require.

Planning Commission members approved setting both public hearings by unanimous vote. All commission members were present at Monday’s meeting.

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