Strasburg police arrested a man last week after his alleged abuse of a cat that lead to a fight with the owner, a man he lived with.

Police charged Mohamed Fahmy-Arape, 42, with one count of animal cruelty, one count of assault and one count of strangulation. He is being held without bond at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren County Regional Jail.

Strasburg Police Chief Wayne Sager said a “concerned citizen” in the neighborhood called police after they heard a fight break out. Sager said multiple people called police, including a woman who lived in the same home as Fahmy-Arape and the other man.

At the time police arrived to handle the fight but after seeing the cat, which Sager said belongs to the man Fahmy-Arape was fighting with, they tacked the animal cruelty charge onto the arrest.

Police did not see Fahmy-Arape hurt the animal but Sager said there were eyewitnesses to that attack.

Sager said Fahmy-Arape had not given any kind of confession to the police so the details surrounding the assault are fuzzy. What is clear, Sager said, is that the assault and the animal cruelty are linked.

Sager said witnesses told police they overheard an argument and someone say, “you killed the cat.”

On Wednesday, Sager said the cat was home with its owner and it had not suffered life-threatening injuries. The cat does have some trauma, including on its face, Sager said, but it is home and doing well.

Sager said that if anyone has more information about the incident, which occurred on Sunday, to reach out to the Strasburg Police Department.

Fahmy-Arape will appear in Shenandoah General District Court at 9 a.m. June 1.

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