FRONT ROYAL — Police have filed a flurry of search warrants after a second parent came forward to report a former school bus driver had made inappropriate comments and advances toward her child.

The warrants suggest Warren County Public Schools had been warned about the alleged actions of Agosto Luzunaris, 43, of Front Royal, with another student in August before Luzunaris was arrested in March.

Melody Sheppard, interim superintendent for Warren County Public Schools, declined to comment on information provided in court documents, stating that “she could not discuss Agosto Luzunaris specifically because it was a personnel matter.”

Major Jeffry Driskill, of the Warren County Sheriff's Office, said he could not comment on what actions the schools had taken.

After police announced last week they had arrested Luzunaris, charging him with abduction, a second parent told police that Luzunaris had previously approached her child as well.

Driskill said he couldn’t comment on whether police plan to bring any more charges against Luzunaris as the investigation is ongoing.

According to a search warrant, Luzunaris had texted the first student on Aug. 27. The student told their mother who then contacted Warren County Public Schools transportation officials. Officials reportedly talked to Luzunaris about the text messages and assured the mother that it would not happen again, according to the warrant.

Later, Luzunaris approached the second student, whose complaints lead to his arrest earlier this month. Police allege that Luzunaris interacted with the second student between October 2019 and March 2020, according to search warrants and his arrest warrant.

Police filed four search warrants on March 4, the day Luzunaris was arrested, looking for a paper trail that would lead them to build a case showing the connection between him and the students. The warrants allowed police to search Luzunaris’s home, his phone, his vehicle and the bus that he drove.

On March 9, police filed an application to view Luzunaris’ personnel records and disciplinary history on file at the Warren County Government Office.

According to the March 9 warrant, the public notice issued by police spurred a parent to report that her child’s bus driver had been flirting with her child. She told police that her child was uncomfortable around the driver and showed police a text message Luzunaris had sent to her child, according to the warrant.

The warrants filed on March 4, the day Luzunaris was arrested, depict an ongoing attempt by Luzunaris to separate a child from peers by keeping the student on the school bus after other students left.

According to warrants, Luzunaris physically blocked the student from leaving the bus, using his right arm to stop the student and telling the student to “sit down.” Luzunaris then allegedly drove the bus away from the school, out of sight of school officials, and spoke with the child. The warrant alleges that Luzunaris tried to cover the camera on the school bus and told the child to “speak softly so the camera could not record the conversation.”

According to the warrant, Luzunaris kept the child on the bus in this fashion “on at least [three] occasions.”

Police also searched Luzunaris’ home and car for records or receipts that would determine whether he purchased a Valentine’s Day gift for the student.

Warrants show that police believe Luzunaris bought the student a Valentine’s Day gift but returned warrants do not show whether a receipt was found. Police did find a card from the student in Luzunaris’ home.

Driskill said the search warrants were all part of a regular investigation and that investigators are “doing their due diligence.” Driskill said officers have taken statements from children and asked anyone else who might have any information to come forward.

There are some indications that Luzunaris had spoken with one other student, Driskill said, but what those comments were, or whether they were inappropriate, has not been determined.

Luzunaris appeared in Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on Thursday morning. He was granted a $3,000 bond and is required to remain at home under electronic surveillance, which he must pay for.

Judge Daryl L. Funk stressed the importance of Luzunaris abiding by the conditions of his bail, which include not leaving the commonwealth or having any unsupervised contact with minors. Violating conditions of his bail would force Funk to order Luzunaris back to jail, he said.

“I do not assume anything happened [in your case],” Funk told Luzunaris on Thursday, “but I take bail conditions very seriously.”

Luzunaris will appear in court again at 3 p.m. April 16.

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