Police found several firearms in the home of the man who engaged officers in a firefight on Back Road west of Woodstock last week.

Officers for the Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office reported they found eight firearms in Sean Patrick Dempsey’s home on Back Road after he was arrested at Winchester Medical Center on Thursday evening. Officers filed the search warrant application in the Shenandoah County Circuit Court on Thursday evening.

Sheriff's Office deputies and troopers with Virginia State Police exchanged fire with Dempsey, 24, at a home on Back Road after they arrived to resolve a reported domestic dispute. According to testimony in the search warrant, one of the people at the house told officers when they arrived that someone had a gun. Officers wrote they saw a “male with a long gun” before taking cover.

Officers traded fire with a man inside the house who then fled the scene in his car.

Police later identified the man as Dempsey.

Police charged Dempsey with one count of attempted murder of a law enforcement official. 

In addition to bullets and shell casings, police also found the following firearms in Dempsey’s home.

• .308 Rifle

• .30-30 Rifle

• AK-47 Rifle

• 870 Shotgun

• 16-Gauge Shotgun

• Revolver

• .22 Caliber Revolver

• HK 40 Pistol

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