A woman charged with murdering Kelly Gray, a Bealeton woman, asked one person to carry out the killing before she took it upon herself and asked another to provide her with a weapon, according to court documents.

According to a criminal complaint filed by a Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office detective, Melody Dawn Glascock, 54, asked someone to kill Gray on June 18, the day police found Gray stabbed to death. The “concerned citizen” told police Glascock approached them and told police about the request.

Documents show that another “concerned citizen” told police that Glascock approached them and asked for a knife so she could kill Gray. Police report they have video evidence of Glascock approaching the person she requested the knife from.

The criminal complaint states that Glascock told both “concerned citizens” who she intended to kill and that she told police, after she was arrested, that she made those statements.

After both citizens rebuffed Glascock, she went to a store and purchased “a large knife,” documents show. Police report that the knife Glascock bought, as told to them by a store clerk who identified Glascock, was similar to the one used in Gray’s stabbing.

Glascock appeared to have enlisted two Stephens City residents, James Samuel Embrey III, 20, and Maria Dawn Embrey, 40, to accompany her to Gray’s home, documents show.

Police reported having video evidence of Glascock going into Gray’s home with the Embreys wearing a set of clothes she was seen in earlier in the day. In the video, police saw James Embrey leave Glascock’s home with that set of clothes and place them in the backseat of a car. When Glascock came back outside, documents show, she was wearing a new set of clothes.

According to court documents, the Embreys told police they accompanied Glascock to the store to buy the knife and to Gray’s home where they stood as a “look-out” for Gray’s husband while Glascock was inside. Maria Embrey told police she went inside the apartment with Glascock and said Glascock was carrying a plastic bag with a knife when they went inside.

Both Maria and James Embrey were outside when the alleged murder occurred but they told police they went back to Glascock’s house with her and “dispos[ed] of evidence along the way and [Glascock] told them she killed [Gray]” according to court documents.

Court documents do not say what evidence the Embreys said they disposed of.

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office charged the Embreys with one count each of conspiracy to commit murder.

Arrest warrants were filed in Fauquier County and Warren County for Glascock, who has addresses in Linden and Warrenton, according to court documents. Police charged Glascock with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of an adult to commit murder and one count of destroying evidence.

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