FRONT ROYAL — A rally Monday will honor a murder victim and serve as a protest against the plea deals accepted by the men who committed the crime.

A “Justice for Trey” rally will be held outside Warren County Circuit Court on Monday during the sentencing hearing of Richard Crouch, according to Heidi Teabo, one of the organizers of the rally.

Trey is the nickname of Tristen Brinklow, the 20-year-old Warren County resident killed by Crouch as George Good watched in September 2019, according to the Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney's Office.

Teabo said she is a friend of the Brinklows. Trey had lived with her on and off starting in 2016 after he began dating her daughter, she said.

Brinklow loved cars and eating at Olive Garden, Teabo said. A Facebook group allows friends to remember his life, she added.

“Trey had an old-man’s soul,” Teabo said. “He was wise, he was smart, all he wanted was to open his own car shop one day. He did all the guy stuff around my house. He was a very good young man.”

The rally will begin at 9 a.m. when Crouch is scheduled to appear in the courthouse to receive his sentence. The rally will continue until after Crouch is sentenced.

Crouch pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, concealing a dead body and defiling a dead body in July. He also pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and two counts of strangulation related to a domestic case as well as a charge on the intent to distribute methamphetamine in another case.

Prosecutors have said that Crouch killed Brinklow in an meth-induced paranoia  while he was fleeing police on the domestic case. George Good was in the room with Crouch when he beat Brinklow to death, but he didn’t intervene, prosecutors have said.

Crouch is expected to be sentenced to about 30 years in prison for all three offenses.

The upcoming rally will be similar to what spontaneously happened at the sentencing of Good in August, Teabo said. Good was sentenced in August to 10 years in prison after 25 years were suspended as part of a plea deal, in which Good provided testimony against Crouch.

During Good’s sentencing, Brinklow's family and friends weren’t allowed in the courtroom because of COVID-19 restrictions. The family and friends held signs saying “Justice for Trey” while chanting those words outside the front of the courthouse.

Monday's demonstration aims to remember Brinklow while also protesting that the sentences the two are receiving is not enough time, Teabo said. Teabo said she would like to see life without parole for Good and Crouch.

“They are both dangers to the community,” Teabo said. “They will continue to see family, talk to friends. We — Trey’s family and friends — have nothing but our memories. They have all the positives and [leave] us all negatives.”

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