As chair of the Warren County Democratic Committee, I am excited to announce our Candidate Interest Open House from 10 am. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Warren County Community Center, 538 Villa Ave.

This event is designed to be a service to members of the community and not a closed door, partisan exercise. The open house is not a place for rehashing political debates, but one where interested parties can come in good faith to learn if public office is right for them.

One might ask why the chair of a Democratic committee would share helpful information about how to seek office without requiring party pledges. One part of the answer is that our community is no place for the kind of partisan divisions and theatrics that hound Washington. We need problem-solvers who care about their neighbors more than any political party. That means providing this publicly available information to as many citizens of Warren County as possible. Too many people in recent years have tried to bring divisive drama to our School Board and other local offices, but that is not how we move our community forward.

Warren County has a long history of voting for Republican candidates, but whether you are a multi-generational native like myself or a newer resident, most people would agree that there is room for improvement in how local government meets the needs of business owners and working families. We can change the nature of our local governing body to reflect a more diverse set of experiences. Whether you studied law at a prestigious college, got a job at the local grocery store right out of high school, or like many are still trying to find your passion, you might the person to bring a perspective to our local or state political system that helps kickstart a new era of vitality for the residents of Warren County.

Our community will only thrive when our School Board and Board of Supervisors are made up of people who are passionate about making our schools top notch and ensuring that our growth is environmentally sustainable. People whose kids attend our schools should know how they can be a part of shaping educational outcomes. Folks living with the limitations of affordable housing and job opportunities can and must be part of how decisions are made for managed growth.

Even attendees of the event who do not decide to run for office now can leave with more information about the duties of their elected officials. This knowledge is important for holding our officials accountable.

Paul Miller is chair of the Warren County Democratic Committee

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Brad Skipper

Outstanding news, Paul!! The fact that Warren Democrats are hosting and seeking out community leaders, regardless of party affiliation, is a wonderful thing. I know that we in Shenandoah County concur with your assessment that our communities must be led by those that are passionate about their tasks and are seeking solutions that are in the best interest of ALL of our citizens and residents, not just a few. Good job!

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