Shenandoah County Public School administrators recently announced a vendor they once used had a data breach that compromised some student and administrator data.

The school division used software called AIMSweb 1.0, a product of Pearson Assessments, in its elementary and middle schools for about five years until the 2016-2017 school year, said Dave Hinegardner, director of administrative services and strategic planning.

AIMSweb is a platform through which students took simulation SOL-type assessments that teachers use to help determine which students may need additional help.

Pearson, after conducting a review, notified Shenandoah County Public Schools on July 23 of the breach. It appears that the student data that was compromised is directory type information that would include the student's name and in some cases date of birth and email address.

“We certainly take student data information seriously. Any breach for any vendor we would use we would take precautions and remedy quickly,” Hinegardner said.

He stressed the data compromised did not contain any grades, Social Security information or credit card information as AIMSweb does not contain this information.

Account administrators also had data compromised that may include name, job title, work email and work address.

The investigation into the breach continues and if additional information is revealed the division will notify staff and parents as quickly as possible, Hinegardner said.

Anyone with any concerns or questions can contact Hinegardner at 540-459-6222.

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