Shenandoah County Public Schools held a luncheon honoring 14 retirees on May 7 at Peter Muhlenberg Middle School. They are, from left to right, first row, Betty Laughlin, 25 years, account specialist, School Board office; Linda Wymer (leaning in), 35 years, bookkeeping, Central High School; Carol McFarland, 37 years, teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary School; Kimberly Balderson, 37 years, teacher, Ashby Lee Elementary School; Sara Jane Richard, 25 years, bus driver; Holly Taff, 30 years, teacher, W.W. Robinson Elementary School; Mary Kent, 35 years, teacher, W.W. Robinson Elementary; Row 2, Julie Aittama, 21 years, teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary; Carolyn Brittingham, 33 years, teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary; Pam Clem, 38 years, teacher, Ashby Lee Elementary; Row 3, David Meeks, eight years, custodian, W.W. Robinson Elementary; Wade Feller, 33 years, transportation supervisor; Mickey Clinedinst, 36 years, teacher, Peter Muhlenberg Middle; at top, Beverly “Boot” Downey, 14 years, maintenance. Not pictured: Selesta Carter, 35 years, assistant to maintenance and transportation supervisor; Sherry Miller, 25 years, bus driver; Frutoso Ortiz, 28 years, assistant principal, W.W. Robinson Elementary; Sharon Kline, 13 years, custodian, Signal Knob Middle; Elaine Powers, 25 years, van driver; Pamela Spiggle, 33 years, teacher, W.W. Robinson Elementary.