FRONT ROYAL – Warren County Public Schools plans to use scanners at each facility to check peoples’ temperatures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The School Board voted this week to buy 15 additional BIOS03 multi-person, walk-through temperature scanners for $33,737 from Geek Land USA LLC. The division plans to cover the cost of the machines with Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Stability (CARES) Act funds.

A scanner was tested in various locations and officials determined the device would meet the division’s needs. Board members previewed the scanner at their Nov. 4 meeting. The 15 additional scanners will be distributed throughout the county schools.

The temperature scanners are suited for monitoring entrances into public spaces such as schools and hospitals, Director of Special Services Michael Hirsch told board members during his presentation. The scanners can detect variables such as a cup of hot coffee that might create a false positive, Hirsch said.

Director of Maintenance Greg Livesay and Melody Sheppard, assistant superintendent for instruction, are working with school principals to determine where they need to put the scanners, Hirsch said. They likely will place them at entrances and drop-off points. School buses already have scanners, Hirsch noted.

Each scanner costs $2,499 for a total of $37,485. Geek Land provided the school division with a 10% educational discount to reduce the total cost to $33,737.

Information provided to the School Board describes the scanner as a facial-detection thermal camera that can screen multiple people in moving traffic and measure the temperatures within a distance of 10 feet. The scanner can detect up to 10 moving people simultaneously at a range of 10-15 feet while taking temperatures within 0.7 seconds. The system also can detect whether or not a person is wearing a mask.

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