BASYE – Bryce Resort’s newest building, the Shenandoah Center, has something for everyone and soon will have even more for members.

Aiming to take care of its guests, Bryce Resort built out its lodge space starting last year and will celebrate the completion of the Shenandoah Center today. While members have more than 200 lockers at their disposal to store wet and cold gear, everyone has a hearth and cafeteria to welcome them in out of the elements.

“We have a lot more seating than we had in the past with our old lodge,” said Andrew Devier-Scott, marketing associate for Bryce Resort. “Right now, we’re just using it for dining purposes; we’re really pushing weddings in the summertime.”

Equipped with a full cafeteria, hundreds of seats and a view of the slopes, the Shenandoah Center is the newest building on Bryce’s property. After months of construction, Bryce got its occupancy license for the center in December, letting patrons in to see it for the first time.

This weekend the resort is hosting local band Strong Water, opening up the space, setting up bars and throwing a party for guests.

Following its grand debut, the center will be open year-round for guests, and plans include weddings, concerts and – eventually – members-only areas.

“That’s kind of the idea behind the building, is to be able to push new events we haven’t done before,” Devier-Scott said. “The concert was kind of a first. We’ve always put bands in the Copper Kettle. So this is the first time we’re going to have a much bigger space.”

Once the room is up and running, Andrew said there are plans to create exclusive spaces upstairs. Some of the panels in the walls overlooking the lower floor will be removed, opening up the center.

The Shenandoah Center is already filling up, Andrew said. Weddings are already scheduled through October.

“Spring, summer and fall are pretty busy for events like that,” Devier-Scott said. “It’s going to be a big event space.”

Today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. with Strong Water playing in the evening. Guests 21 and older are welcome to attend.


Bryce Resort is located at 1982 Fairway Drive, Basye

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